Change of circumstances
If your circumstances change during the Tenancy and/or if you start to receive housing benefit, you must inform your Landlord and the Agent immediately.

Renewals of Tenancy Agreement and Notices
Prior to the end of the Tenancy we will approach the Landlord to ask if they wish to continue the Tenancy for a further fixed term or as a periodic Tenancy. Once we receive the instructions from the Landlord that he wishes to renew then we will approach the Tenant to find out if they wish to remain in the property. The Tenant will be informed in writing of the terms required by the Landlord. The Tenant will need to make a firm decision in good time so that any new Tenancy Agreement can be prepared and signed by the parties to it prior to the renewal date.

If the Tenant needs to change the names on the tenancy or add names to the tenancy, this can only be done with the full agreement from the landlord.  If the landlord agrees to such changes, any person added will need to be referenced and deposit details changed, this will be charged at £240 (inc. VAT).
If either party do not wish to extend the tenancy a Notice may be served upon the Tenant at least 2 months before the end of your Tenancy advising the Tenant of the date that they will be due to leave.  If the Tenant does not comply with the Notice possession proceedings will be taken against you. The Tenant may be liable for all legal costs incurred.

Neither the Landlord nor the Tenant can give notice to end the Tenancy during the fixed term unless there is a break clause included in the Tenancy Agreement.  Even if the Tenant leave’s the property early their obligations remain until the Tenancy ends or the property is re-let (if the Landlord chooses to do so) whichever is earlier.

If the Tenancy becomes periodic the Tenant must give one months notice in writing to the Landlord or the agent to end the Tenancy. The notice period must end on the day before a rent due date.