Notices given/notices received
Once you have received your notice to vacate or have sent you notice to us at [email protected] then the end of tenancy process will begin.

All notices must be served by letter to:
12 Market Street
WD18 0PD

or email to:
[email protected]

Please be aware that if the landlord Is seeking to re-let the property then we will require access for viewings in accordance with clause 13.2 of the tenancy agreement. Warren Anthony`s staff will always respect your work patterns, family commitments and privacy whilst arranging viewings.

13.2 You agree to allow the Landlord or Agent, or any person acting on their behalf, access to view the Property with prospective tenants or purchasers. You will be given at least 24 hours’ notice and visits will take place during normal working hours and at reasonable times at weekends. The Landlord reserves the right to display at the Property "for sale" signs at any time and "to let" signs in the last two months of the fixed term or at any time after the end of the fixed term.

Confirmation of vacating date and check out advice
Once the final date has been confirmed you will receive official confirmation from our renewals department.

You will also be sent a check out advice guide. Please ensure you follow the advice carefully to ensure there are no issues with the deposit return. Please ensure you use the check in inventory to help guide you too. Our offices will eb happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Book checkout with Hornet Inventory Services
Hornet Inventory Services or our offices will contact you to arrange a mutual time and date to carry out the final check out inspection, take meter readings and collect the keys.

Please note this must be booked between office hours and once keys are handed over your rights to enter the property will be ceased.

Checkout report
You will receive a copy of your check out report within 48 hours. If you do not receive this please contact our offices.

The check out report will be used to finalise the deposit return.

Utility transfer & closing council tax
Please ensure that you record your meter readings, close your accounts with the gas, electric, water, internet/tv suppliers and the council.
Please be aware we cannot finalise the deposit return without confirmation these accounts have been closed.

Please note that you are responsible for all bills and standing charges to the last legal day of your tenancy which may not necessarily be the same day as you hand over the keys.

Deposit negotiations finalised & deposit returned
Please contact our deposits department to discuss the return of your deposit.

Tips for quick return of deposit:
Use Warren Anthony`s recommended contractors for cleaning, decorating or handyman works.

Confirm with the company holding your deposit that they have all your correct details.

Allow plenty of time to organise and carry out any remedial works prior to the end of the tenancy.

Close down all utility accounts on day of check out.

We are sure that you will be happy with our service.  If you are dissatisfied in any way, please inform us immediately.  If the complaint is not rectified to your satisfaction, please put it in writing addressed to Mr Warren Patmore at this office address. As the date of the end of your Tenancy Agreement approaches, we strongly recommend that you read the following notes to assist you in leaving the property in a good clean condition, which will in turn help to protect your deposit.


Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful life events. This is a checklist to help your house move go as smoothly as possible. Start ticking things off at least one month in advance so you don’t end up with too much to do in too little time.

One month to go
With one month before you leave the premises, it’s a good idea to clear out your belongings. Local charities will be grateful for any surplus clothing, utensils, electronics or ‘bric a brac’.

With one month's notice, inform the utility companies that you will be leaving in a month. Final meter readings (if necessary) are normally done at the end of the contract, but you can arrange for contract termination dates on:
• Phone/Internet
• Gas
• Electricity
• Water
• TV Licence

You may also want to arrange post forwarding or begin the process of informing businesses of your impending change of address.
At this time it may also be useful to consult with your tenancy agreement to see what might need to be done. Your agreement most likely specifies that your property should be returned in the same condition as when you moved in.

Two weeks to go
It’s a good idea to start boxing and bagging up belongings in preparation for your move. Keep out things you are likely to use in the meantime, but by sorting this out now you’ll be able to organise and prepare accordingly for the move.

With two weeks to go, it’s also a good idea to arrange a removals van or make other arrangements to move your belongings to your new home.
As cleaning and tidying is quite a big task, you might want to organise a professional cleaning service to help you organise the final clear-out and leave your property clean and tidy.

If you have a store of tinned goods or items in the freezer, plan your meals to use up as much food as possible in the meantime..

One week to go
You may wish to start the process of cleaning and tidying in the final week. Little and often is better than doing it all in one load.

If you haven’t yet organised a removals company or made arrangements for your move date, you should organise this now. Also, if you’re hiring a professional cleaner to help with the tidying then make sure it’s all confirmed.

Other things to consider:
• Pet care
• Childcare
• Check the parking situation both at your current and new premises
• Dismantle larger items of furniture
• Is there anything you can move before the day?

Moving is hard work, so make sure you get as much help as you can get.
In the days before the move you may also need to do the following:
• Defrost and clean fridge and freezer
• Clean outside areas such as garden, yard or balcony
• Store outside equipment in the store room, shed or garage

Move day
Make sure you’ve had a good breakfast as you’ll most likely be using a lot of energy.

Make sure to clean and tidy the entire property to the standard outlined in your tenancy agreement.

If you need to take any photos for your records, then do so.

We may specify that you need to shut down certain facets of the property. These might include:
• Main power supply
• Mains water or gas supply
• Switch off power at the walls
• Lock or secure doors, windows, shutters and outside buildings

When you’re finished in your old home, don’t forget to check over it and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
And, when you’re done, don’t forget to return all the keys and security fobs as stated in your tenancy agreement.