Reasons you may lose the reservation deposit

  • You will be required to complete all the required paperwork, provide your proof of identity and income within 72 hours of the reservation deposit being received by Warren Anthony.
  • Lack of response from any of your referees.
  • If you are employed and have a current landlord or letting agent, then you must inform them that they will be receiving a reference request.
  • Lack of response to any of Warren Anthony`s queries.
  • Withdrawal of your offer once the offer has been accepted and holding deposit signed.
  • Not signing holding deposit receipt within 12 hours of it being sent to you.
  • Any other delays caused by the applicant or their referees.
  • Supply of false or inaccurate information.
  • Poor landlord reference.
  • Incorrect salary or employment details.
  • Failure to disclose any previous or current credit problems, such as satisfied CCJ`s or defaults.

If it is the landlord or agent who withdraws the offer, then the full reservation deposit will be refunded to the applicant.

Please do not pay the holding deposit until you are 100% sure that you want to commit to the property or that all the referencing requirements can be met.

The deadline for agreement is a maximum of 5 working days. If we do not have satisfactory references within this period of time, then the reservation deposit will be deemed as non-refundable.

The following link takes you to the official Government Tenant Fee Act:


Payment of account

We require full payment of the first months rent and five week deposit at least 72 hours prior to the agreed completion date. The tenancy agreement will not be available for signing until full funds have been received.
Cash cannot be paid directly into our account but must be sent by bank transfer. Cheques & Bankers Drafts are no longer accepted.

N.B. Debit or credit card payments will incur a 2.5% administration fee.

Signing the Tenancy Agreement & legal docs

All parties on the contract must sign prior to key release. Various legal papers will be sent online by DOCUSIGN – PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM. Contracts will not be available for signing until full completion monies have been received and confirmed by the accounts department.

N.B. Paper copies of the paperwork will not be available from our offices. If you require copies in paper form, you will need to make your own arrangements for this.

Rent payments

Monthly payments must be made by standing order
Standing orders must will always be dated two days before the rent due date to ensure the landlord receives his money on the correct date.
N.B. There will be a charge for any rental payments received 14 days or more after the rent due date

Right to rent & proof of address checks

You will have already been requested to supply us with:
A copy of your passport, visas, resident’s permit card, identity card or another document that proves you have the Right to Rent in the UK.
Proof of address: Driving license, bank statement, tenancy agreement or a utility bill. Bills or statements must be dated within the last three months.

If you have not done so already, we will require these to be sent immediately so we can proceed with the application process and Right to Rent checks.

Offer acceptance & handling of the reservation deposit

Once an offer has been accepted by the landlord the applicant must provide a copy of the required proof of identity and income. Once satisfactory paperwork has been accepted you will be required to pay a reservation deposit which is no more than the equivalent of one weeks rent. This reservation deposit is deducted from the first month`s rent due.

From June the 1st 2019 all reservation deposits have been legally capped at the equivalent to one weeks rent


Once an offer has been accepted and prior to being granted a tenancy the applicant will be sent a link to an application form. This must be completed and returned within 24 hours of it being sent. Failure to do so could lead to a loss of the reservation deposit. Once references are started it is in their interest to tell referees that they will be contacted by our referencing agency, asking them to reply as quickly as possible so that there is no delay in granting a tenancy.
All applications must be completed within 24 hours of the application link being sent out.
Failure to do so could lead to you losing your reservation deposit.

Guarantor (if required)

The applicant may be asked to supply a guarantor.  The guarantor will be referenced and will only be accepted if deemed suitable. The guarantor will be a party to the Tenancy Agreement and will guarantee and meet the obligations of the Tenant, during the whole period of the Tenancy if the Tenant does not do so. The guarantor will be jointly and severally liable with the Tenant which means that the guarantor may have to pay the full costs of any breach of the Tenancy Agreement including all rent arrears.
If rental payments are late the guarantor will be contacted along with the tenant.

Payment of the initial account

Before keys are released to you the first month’s rent and deposit must be paid in cleared funds into our bank account. No cheques or cash will be accepted and if monies are not cleared then completion will be delayed but the dates on the tenancy agreement will remain the same and under no circumstances will be changed.