Deposits & Insurance
As part of the landlord’s expectations you are advised to take out an insurance policy to protect your contents and accidental damage to the landlord’s property.

The Landlord will be responsible for insuring the buildings and the contents belonging to the Landlord. We can provide details of Landlord’s insurance which includes Emergency Assistance over as standard.

Tenants are advised to have insurance for your personal items along with a policy that covers you for any accidental damage caused to the landlord’s effects. We can provide details of insurance if you so require when you come to the office to sign the contract.

Tenancy Deposit Protection
Since April 2007 all deposits held for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy must be protected by a scheme. If requested by the landlord, we will place your deposit into our account with the Deposit Protection Service. This is one of the three Government allocated deposit protection schemes.

If a professional inventory is not prepared, Warren Anthony will not be responsible for holding the deposit and this must be placed by the Landlord in a Government authorised tenancy deposit scheme within 30 days of the start of the tenancy. Details of these schemes are available on request
At the end of the Tenancy no deductions can be made from the deposit without the written consent of both parties.  If there is a dispute regarding the deductions the dispute will be resolved by one of the above schemes who will adjudicate and decide how the deposit should be returned. Full details of the scheme which protects your deposit is shown in the Tenancy Agreement. Further information can be obtained from the government website on